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DeBora Rachelle

Kathryn Heigl in '27 dresses'

  1. Her gowns have been seen:

    *in the movies (such as Sony Productions, 'Prom Night' and Twentieth Century Foxes '27 Dresses')

    *on TV (such as the OC Show and Entertainment Tonight),

    *on professional dance touring troups

    *on stage live (such as JoJo at BMI Urban awards),
  2. *on winning pageant contestants,

    *on internet shows (such as Prom Queen)
  3. *on the red carpet (Oscars, etc, etc)
  4. *in all the major magazines (click here for details)

DeBora Rachelle, a Duluth Minn. native, came into this world with a needle and thread in her hand. Even as a little girl she had an eye for design and a natural sewing ability. DeBora remembers sewing with any material she could get her hands on. One of her first successful projects as a young teenager was making handbags out of her friend's jeans.

Throughout college DeBora took classes on fashion and design; however her plans of opening her own chain of retail stores led her to pursue a degree in business. After graduating with a double major is Business and Communications from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., DeBora held positions in retail management, apparel buying and small business accounting. When she felt she finally had all the experience necessary to run her own retail store, she opened her first specialty store, Brides by DeBora Rachelle. Within the next three years she opened two more stores under the same name. Hence, her retail red carpet and prom fashion chain of stores was started.

When the .com era started booming, DeBora jumped on the bandwagon and started selling her dresses on-line worldwide. It was such a success, that soon her on-line store with 45 million hits per month began outselling her retail stores.

Retail stores soon began calling off the hook in an attempt to carry the DeBora Rachelle line, so in 2004 DeBora hired Tom Crassweller to launch the wholesale division of DeBora Rachelle Inc. DeBora closed her own retail stores and began concentrating on designing and growing her company. In 2003, DeBora began offering matching handbags, cell phone cases, shawls and nail polish with her red carpet and prom dresses.

Although, DeBora's collection does include sexy gowns, DeBora Rachelle is quickly becoming known for the wholesome, innocent designs which are prevalent in her prom dress collection. DeBora is continually creating fresh and innovative designs, inspired by her passions and environment. In high school, DeBora developed a love of cross-stitching, which is reflected in the embroidery designs on many of her top-selling dress designs today.

DeBora Rachelle Inc. is quickly becoming a multifaceted apparel company powered by a passionate woman. Justine Magazines 2006 survey pinpointed her as the most recognized name in prom dress designers. She has been quoted in many syndicated newspapers as the 'red carpet expert' and shown in numerous featured editorials. Keep an eye out, there is more to follow....

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Kathryn Heigl in '27 dresses'

DeBora with Aaron Neville
Renee Zellweger and DeBora Academy Awards
DeBora at the Oscars

Dress style P508

Ashley Tisdale (Disney Channel's Suite Life) with DeBora
Ashley is wearing style P559
Cindy Crawford and DeBora at Pepsi -ColaDinner
Cindy Crawford with DeBora

JoJo Levesque on stage in
DeBora Rachelle

JoJo Levesque on stage in
DeBora Rachelle
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DeBora at the Oscars

Renee Zellweger & Debora
Kate Winslet & DeBora
Gweneth Paltrow & DeBora
Oprah and DeBora
Renee Zellweger & DeBora
Cate Winslet & DeBora
Gweneth Paltrow & DeBora
Oprah & DeBora

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