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Where do you put your handbag?

DULUTH, MINN. - January, 2006. - It's sleek, it's modern, and it's the most up-to-date design in the handbag industry. DeBora Rachelle, an evening gown, prom dress, and now handbag designer has solved the problem of where women should place their handbags in social settings. What makes this DeBora Rachelle handbag so unique is its patent pending hook that is incorporated into the bag. This hook allows the bag to securely attach itself to a table, bar, or desk to keep the purse safe and close at hand.

Women have always been burdened with the task of what to do with their handbags when in restaurants and bars. The choices are not pretty. Up until now, the options have ranged from hanging their handbag on the back of their chair to draping it over their knee where it is cumbersome and inconvenient. Another option is to place the bag on the ground causing it to be soiled or kicked around. As uncomfortable as it is, many women have even taken to holding their purse on their lap. DeBora Rachelle had women everywhere in mind when designing her new handbags, "I know what it's like to go out and have to worry about where to put my handbag, so I developed a means of eliminating the worry and the hassle!" DeBora Rachelle's patent pending custom designed hook slides up the strap of the handbag allowing the handbag to attach itself to any table or ledge making it can be easily accessible to its owner. When not in use, the signature hook magnetizes itself to the side of the handbag for convenient, easy, stylish storage of the mechanism.

DeBora Rachelle's new handbag line will debut at the NY accessories show in January of 2006. First off the production line is a classic grouping which includes sophisticated sleek leather handbags with embossed DeBora Rachelle logos. A signature DR logo collection with exclusive fabric and leather trimmings is sure to be a hit. An upbeat nylon selection of vibrant colored handbags has also been added to the collections grouping.

For women everywhere who are tired of wrestling with their handbags, the new DeBora Rachelle handbag with a built-in hook may be the answer to their concerns. The DeBora Rachelle handbag line is currently taking pre-orders online at www.DeBoraRachelle.com. These bags will also found in fine retailers coming this spring worldwide. For your introduction to this new line of handbags go to:


Handbag with the Hook

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