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DeBora Rachelle is a wholesaler of designer prom dresses, fancy formal dresses, gowns, quality leather handbags with new patent pending mechanism/ hook, and matching inexpensive prom dress and evening gown handbags. You can find DeBora Rachelle prom dresses, fancy formal dresses, and evening gowns at specialty stores worldwide, "Click on 'store locator' for more information. Besides designing formal prom dresses and evening gowns, DeBora Rachelle also designs unique one-of-a-kind red carpet gowns. DeBora Rachelle Prom Dresses and Prom Gowns can be found in Seventeen Magazine, Your Prom Magazine, Teen Prom, Justine Magazine, Cosmo Girl and more! Don't confuse our two different handbag and purse lines, we carry inexpensive handbags to match our prom dresses and formal dresses, and high quality leather hands with our signature hook mechanism. Both handbag lines wholesaled to fine department and specialty stores world wide. Shown above is Brooke Hogan from Hogan Knows best in a DeBora Rachelle Prom dress. Ashley Tisdale and Amanda Bynes are also shown in DeBora Rachelle Prom Gowns and Formal Dresses on these web pages. Prom Gowns, Prom Dresses, Formal Gowns, Leather Handbags and Matching prom dress handbags, and matching formal purses right here at DeBora Rachelle.