Can DeBora Rachelle bed sheets be placed in the dryer or will they shrink?

Yes, dry away. DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are pre-shrunk.

I have one mattress that is 9″ and another mattress that is 18″, which bed sheets should I buy?

DeBora Rachelle bed sheets fit any mattress size from 7″ to 18″. Our patented straps adjust to take the bed sheet down from a 18″ to 7″ and help eliminate wrinkles pulling them tight.

Will the patent straps tangle when washed?

All bed sheets tangle and twist however, if you wash DeBora Rachelle bed sheets according to their washing instructions, you shouldn’t have any trouble. We have tested the straps through in hundreds of washings/dryings. Use the Velcro straps provided. Read our blog regarding all bed sheets how to prevent tangling and twisting.

Will the patent straps work with a footboard?

Of course! You may need to help glide the straps under the mattress but using the straps with a footboard is still easier to put on than not having the straps. Use the straps as a device to help get the corners on.

Do DeBora Rachelle bed sheets wrinkle?

Unlike over 75% of manufacturers, we don’t use harmful wrinkle-free chemicals in our bed sheets. Look at it this way, “would you rather have wrinkles on your sheets than wrinkles on your face?” So like all 100% cotton fabric in it’s natural state, cotton will wrinkle, however, pulling the straps taunt helps eliminate wrinkles from the bottom fitted sheet. We recommend taking them right from the dryer to the bed when the sheets are at their best.

FYI: If your sheets say, non-iron, permanent press or non-wrinkle, chances are it contains formaldehyde (a cancer causing carcinogen). Formaldehyde is what morticians use in dead people. Do you really want to have formaldehyde off-gassing into your skin?

What are the dimensions of DeBora Rachelle bed sheets?


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