Making your bed just got easier!

HEALTHY LUXURY sheets that STAY ON your bed and ENHANCE your sleep!


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Why you need DeBora Rachelle bed sheets!


Bed sheets that come off your bed at night will wake you up.
DeBora Rachelle sheets STAY on your bed so you can get the rest
you deserve!
Lack of sleep can lead to: * Depression * Weight Gain
* Stress * Anxiety * Heart Disease * Lack of Enthusiasm * Diabetes
* & a host of other symptoms!

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EASY TO make your bed!

No need to struggle nor lift your mattress
to get that last bed sheet corner on your bed.

DeBora Rachelle bed sheets go on easy and STAY on!

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Unlike the majority of bed sheet manufacturers,
DeBora Rachelle bed sheets contain no harmful chemicals
that can hurt you.

They are OEKO-tex tested and hypoallergenic.

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AZO dye free

AZO dyes were banned in Europe yet, in the USA more than 70%
of bed sheet manufacturers still use these cancer causing AZO
toxins in their bed sheets.
DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are AZO dye free.

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DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are allergy-free.

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DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are the highest thread count (TC) in SINGLE-PLY making them
longer lasting, softer, more luxurious, and lighter weight than any 1,000 thread count.

The ply of fabric is MORE IMPORTANT than TC. It takes 4 or more threads
twisted together to make 1,000TC. Twisting threads bogs down the cotton lumping it
together giving it a coarser, heavier feeling which makes a person more prone to sweat.

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Would you rather walk a tightrope made from one rope or
a bunch of ropes tied together? Extra Long means it is finer,
smoother, more durable and less prone to breakage or pilling.
DeBora Rachelle uses only the finest longest strands of cotton.

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DeBora Rachelle bed sheets keep you cool when you need it
and warm when you don't.
DeBora Rachelle bed sheet's
'extra long staple cotton' is woven in 'single-ply' formation,
which allows air flow movement and absorbs perspiration.

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handpicked cotton

Machinery used to pick cotton stresses, pulls, and tears the fibers causing
them to break. At DeBora Rachelle, we handpick our cotton refusing to
give up quality.
Handpicking is the only way to ensure cotton strands
remain long & luxurious. Longer cotton fibers are finer,
stronger, softer, more comfortable, and longer lasting.

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Machine harvesting cotton harvests the entire plant (seed leaves & grit)
all at once. It also harvests contaminates such as plastic bags that fly in
from a nearby road, plastic ties used to hold up cotton stems, oil and
grease from the machinery, etc. all go right into the cotton.
DeBora Rachelle cotton is handpicked which is the only way to ensure
against contaminates.

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DeBora Rachelle bed sheets never test our products on animals.
It is not necessary as we contain no harmful chemicals.
Our down alternative duvets donate a portion of their
proceeds to fighting down cruelty.

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Earth Friendly

DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are earth friendly and recyclable.
They are made of 100% natural cotton in it's natural state and can be
placed right back into the environment where it came from.

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You will be moved by the craftsmanship in DeBora Rachelle luxury bed sheets and duvet covers. Every single stitch, every step of the sheet construction process has been carefully and strategically thought-out. Our bed sheet straps adjust to fit an 18" down to a 9" mattress. We analyzed everything: from the perfect place where the cotton is grown to harvesting breathable, long lasting fabric that helps regulate your body temperature. Clearly the most impressive innovative feature is the patented bed sheet structure which STAYS in place and makes making your bed easier. No step was missed, no process overlooked, simply pure and sumptuous perfection.

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Pains of Duvet Covers

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The Struggle Is real

Can't seem to get your ged sheets to STAY ON your bed?  May want to check out our DeBora Rachelle bed sheets!

Funny but meaningful

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