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DeBora Rachelle

Top Left: DeBora in her warehouse working on a celebrity dress for the BMI awards. Top Right: Inventory inspection. Bottom left: DeBora designing accessories for a particular dress. Bottom Right: Inspecting tailoring options needed for a style show.

At the Height of her Career,...

… DeBora Rachelle was the #1 most recognized name among prom dress designers, the publisher of a national magazine, and the owner of the #1 search engine-rated evening gown shopping website in the world. She had the very first prom dress store on the internet in 1993, which sold dresses to every U.S. state and most countries around the world. Her website was recorded as receiving 45 million hits a month organically (unheard of in 2008). Hosting servers would crash from the stress her website put on their software. She was a wholesaler running five different factories overseas, a retail chain store owner, importing her goods to the United States and exporting her goods all over the world. She was one of the first fashion designers to use an outsourced fulfillment center. In 2008, she received out-of-the-blue offer she couldn’t refuse, DeBora sold her company and retired. Too young to retire and too ambitious to relax, in 2022, DeBora relaunched her company and is back designing, launching products, and offering free advice to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

DeBora's Bio



It all started with her double degree in Business and Communications at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  DeBora is the CEO of a major fashion and product company. NOTE: only 7.8% of all women are CEO's according to, Bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2021/01/percentage-of-women-ceos-rises-during-challenging.html?page=all, 2022 article.

Photo shoot model fashion designer DeBora Rachelle

Fashion Designer / Product Designer

As surveyed by the national teen magazines, DeBora Rachelle was the #1 most recognized name among prom dress designers. She sold her company in 2008 and retired at the ripe age of 42. Too young to retire and too ambitious to relax, DeBora is back into business, this time pursuing unique inventions in product designs and product launches.


Importer / Exporter

The DeBora Rachelle brand ran five factories in China, importing DeBora Rachelle products into the USA such as: (dresses, handbags, jewelry, and linens) and exporting them all over the world.

Retail-Store-Chain store owner DeBora Rachelle

Retail Chain Store Owner

DeBora started out with one store, expanded to five, then went on the Internet to open up the first shopping dress store EVER on the Internet in 1993. Finding her internet store outsold all five of her stores, she closed the stores and focused on the internet.

first dress website on internet

Innovator - 1st Dress Store Website on the Internet

Finding her internet store outsold all five of her stores, she closed the stores and focused solely on her internet store.


Patent Holder / Inventor

DeBora holds a number of utility patents, of which only 17.3% are granted to women according to the USTP.gov website: www.uspto.gov/ip-policy/economic-research/publications/reports/progress-potential.


Real Estate Investor

DeBora Rachelle is an avid real estate investor and enjoys the construction process and she has always been the interior designer with each project. Always doubling and quaddrippling her money on her real estate investments, she's built strip malls, several multi-million dollar homes, and many commercial properties.quadrupling


DeBora has licensed many of her inventions.


Publisher of a National Magazine

DeBora was publisher owner of the nationally recognized magazine Prom Magazine. It was sold in the likes of Barnes & Noble, Super One Foods, etc.

Fashion Designer Career

IMDB - Movie Documentary on DeBora's Career (Won a Telly Award)

Producers made a video on DeBora's life entitled, "Confessions of a Fashion Designer". It won a Telly Award. Paste this link in your browser to watch an exert: https://youtu.be/VnOdid7XAoM


Event Certification - CFM

Certified by the University of Minnesota in Festival and Event Management, DeBora has started many popular events with a purpose such as The Fur Ball for Animal Allies (now their #1 fundraiser) and Art in Bayfront Park (which helped save Bayfront Park).

Event Certification


DeBora's new book to help small business entrepreneurs is coming out 2023.

Some people would love to retire at such an early age,

however, DeBora felt she had sold her soul and lost her identity. Too young to retire and too ambitious to relax, DeBora waited patiently for her non-compete clause to expire. To help pass the time she helped revive a failing multi-million dollar community park, Bayfront Festival Park, while helping other artists make a living by starting Art In Bayfront Park Art Fair. Knowing the park was profitable and no longer a liability to taxpayers, DeBora sold the art fair to a Minneapolis event company. She’s an animal lover by heart and also started the “Fur Ball” which is still the number one fundraiser for Animal Allies.

LivingNorth Magazine DeBora Rachelle Bernick
JoJo Levesque and Usher BMI Music Awards IN DeBora Rachelle
27 Dresses Kathryn heighl

Her dresses have been seen: 

  • in TV shows (such as Entertainment Tonight and The OC Show),
  • in all the national teen magazines (see a few examples below),
  • in Broadway productions,
  • in movies (such as Prom Night and 27 Dresses),
  • in internet TV series (such as Disney),
  • on professional dance troupes,
  • on the red carpet (such as at The Academy Awards),
  • at music awards (such as BMI awards – See JoJo Levesque with Usher in the video at right and left on this page),
  • on pageant winners,
  • producers made a movie about DeBora Rachelle’s career (see link directly below),
  • on many celebrities, and much much more!
  • Keep scrolling for a few examples …D
Fashion Designer Career
academy awards oscars renee zellweger
Kate Winslet Titanic oscars academy awards deBora Rachelle

DeBora walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Renée Zellweger shown at left, Kate Winslet above.


Telly Award Video Confessions of a Fashion Designer DeBora Rachelle
Confessions of a Fashion Designer is a Documentary on DeBora Rachelle's career in fashion. It won a Telly Award.

In The Press

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