How to choose the Best Sleeping Mask.

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Can’t get the beauty sleep you deserve?  You may want to get a beauty mask.

Airlines hand out sleeping masks in first class seats on an airplane for a reason.  Study after study shows sleep masks can help you sleep better. A key factor in how humans sleep is determined by their exposure to light or to darkness. When light appears, your body starts performing functions like raising body temperature and releasing stimulating hormones like cortisol to get your body back in action for the day. When darkness arrives, your body naturally starts to become groggy, so a sleep mask aids in sleep with the natural effect of blocking out light.

So which mask is the best sleeping mask for you?

We think we have found the perfect sleeping mask in the new DeBora Rachelle sleep mask with water beads.  Here’s why... While the majority of masks will block light, DeBora Rachelle sleep masks take it a few steps further.    

Did you know over 75% of fabric manufacturers put toxins in their fabrics?  These cancer causing toxins off-gas right into your system while you sleep. So it’s important to buy the right fabric in your sleeping mask as you do not want toxins emitted right into your face intentionally. DeBora Rachelle fabrics are Oeko-tex tested and contain no chemicals that can harm you. This alone will help you sleep just knowing you are not rubbing toxins into your face! Worry less, so you can sleep more!  DeBora Rachelle fabric is also make of 100% natural extra long staple cotton so it feels fresh, soft and luxurious

Unlike other face masks that are typically just made of all fabric, DeBora Rachelle beauty sleep mask contains gel water beads that can be taken out, heated up or cooled down. Advantages water beads have over other sleep masks that only have fabric are:

If you heat the mask a couple of benefits are:

  • Warm in boiling water to sooth sore muscles.
  • Warm in boiling water to help pink eye.

If you chill the mask some benefits are:

  • Reduces puffy eyes.
  • Reduces dark circles.
  • Relief from heat in hot weather.
  • Helps headache stress.
  • Chill helps with relaxation to aid in sleep.
  • Acts as an ice pack and stops swelling.

Directions are simple:  FOR COLD:  Chill entire mask and gel beads for 3-5 minutes in freezer.  FOR HOT: Let water boil, then take gel beads out of mask and place in boiling water for 10 seconds.

 So why just get any mask, when you can have one that has so many benefits?

Check out the DeBora Rachelle sleeping beauty face mask here


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