What is long staple cotton?

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Long staple cotton is used in the finest softest supreme linens and bed sheets in the world.  Why is it so important?  Think of it this way.  Would you rather walk a tight rope that is one long rope?
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Or would you rather walk a tight rope that has been tied together in a lot of different places?  Chances are you would want the long slick smooth rope verses the bumpy breakable rope.  It's the same with cotton.  Long staple cotton means the longer fibers will remain in tact (more durable), smoother, silkier, softer, and weigh less.  Whereas the shorter strands will have to be tied together in more places which allows breakage and has a harsh brash feeling to the fabric.  Where the strands are tied is where pilling occurs.  Longer strands of cotton are less likely to pill as well as last longer because they are stronger.

Some bed sheets go even further to offer EXTRA long staple cotton. Bed Sheet Designer, DeBora Rachelle explains, "our bed sheets have EXTRA long staple strands of cotton, long strands of cotton are wonderful for all the luxury linens on the market, however, there is even longer staple cotton available.  Why doesn't everyone use the extra long staple cotton?  Extra long staple cotton is really hard to find.  In order to obtain extra long staple cotton, one must handpick the cotton during harvest time**.




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