Luxe Euro Pillowcase Sham 26" x 26" (qty 1)   Color is White

Luxe Euro Pillowcase Sham 26" x 26" (qty 1) Color is White

Euro pillowcase 26” x 26” luxe embroidery on healthy, a step above organic 100% handpicked extra long staple cotton fabric. Hypoallergenic and earth-friendly.

DeBora Rachelle Luxe Euro pillowcase delicate embroidery with envelop back. Soft, luxurious, and cool. 


  • EURO 100% handpicked cotton with modern embroidery detail 26” x 26”
  • HEALTHY: 75% of manufacturers put toxins in their fabrics. DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are Oeko-Tex certified meaning they contain no harmful chemicals and are AZO dye-free. DeBora Rachelle pillowcases are a step above organic. Organic fabrics make sure no chemicals were added during the growing farming process, Oeko-tex certification watches the cotton all the way through the entire manufacturing process keeping the cotton in it’s a natural state from start to finished bed sheet.  Hypoallergenic, allergy-free. Feel refreshed and recharged.
  • LUXURY: Luxurious rare 100% SINGLE-PLY handpicked extra long-staple cotton makes for longer finer strands of cotton with no pilling and no contaminates. Machine harvesting breaks and frays cotton strands which cause pilling. Unlike handpicked cotton, oil and grease from machine picked cotton along with the machine picking up plastics in the farming field contaminate cotton. The soft and super silky hand-picked luxurious feeling only common in luxury hotels can now be felt right in the comfort of your own house and bedroom.
  • EARTH AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLY: PETA approved cruelty-free, environmentally correct. 
  • MOISTURE WICKING: Due to DeBora Rachelle’s extra-long staple single-ply cotton the fabric breathes and absorbs moisture helping regulate your body temperature: keeping you cool when you need it and warm when you don’t.