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Meet DeBora Rachelle  
In 2008, at the height of her career, DeBora Rachelle was the #1 most recognized name in Prom Dress Designers. That same year, she sold the evening gown division of her company and retired. Some people would love to retire at such an early age however, DeBora felt she had sold her soul, her identity. Too young to retire and too ambitious to relax, the minute her non-compete clause expired, she was enthusiastic to go back into business. However, this time she chose bed sheets and bed linens. Many have questioned why she chose bed linens over going back into the glamorous life of evening gowns where she rubbed elbows with celebrities, walked the red carpets, and saw her dresses featured in movies, magazines, tv shows, etc. DeBora's response is simply, "I may not be walking the red carpets anymore, but I will be the hottest chick at a toga party!"

Graduating with a double major (bachelor degree in Business and a bachelor degree in Communications) from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, DeBora set her sites on opening up a chain of stores. In 1994, having already opened 3 stores she decided to join the Internet rage and was the first Evening Gown/Prom Dress Store EVER on the Internet. Her dresses sold worldwide. At the time of her retirement in 2008, headquarters for DeBora Rachelle Inc. were located in Duluth, MN, their distribution center based out of Traverse City, MI and 5 factories overseas importing and exporting dresses and accessories worldwide. DeBora Rachelle also started the nationally distributed magazine, called Prom Magazine.  In 2008, DeBora Rachelle retired as it's publisher/owner and that same year she sold her evening gown division.
Her gowns have been seen:

*in the movies (such as Sony Productions, 'Prom Night' and Twentieth Century Foxes '27 Dresses')
27 dresses debora rachelle stay sheets  27 dresses Katherine Heighl DeBora Rachelle   prom night movie bed sheets prom dresses

*on TV (such as the OC Show and Entertainment Tonight),

*on professional dance touring troups,

*on stage live (such as JoJo at BMI Urban awards),

jojo levesque bmi awards debora rachelle dress jojo levesque bmi awards
* on winning pageant contestants,

* on internet shows (such as Prom Queen)
*on the red carpet (Oscars, etc, etc)

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* in all the major magazines  - here are a few examples... or click here for more PRESS

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* producers made a video of DeBora Rachelle's life, it won a telly award,
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* in business magazines,

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* in public schools and college classes,

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DeBora Rachelle, a Duluth Minnesota. native, came into this world with a needle and thread in her hand. Even as a little girl she had an eye for design and a natural sewing ability. DeBora remembers sewing with any material she could get her hands on. 

Throughout college, DeBora took classes on fashion and design; however her plans of opening her own chain of retail stores led her to pursue a degree in Business. After graduating with a double major is Business and Communications from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, DeBora held positions in retail management, apparel buying and small business accounting. When she felt she finally had all the experience necessary to run her own retail store, she opened her first specialty store, Brides by DeBora Rachelle. Within the next three years she opened two more stores under the same name. Hence, her retail red carpet and prom fashion chain of stores were started.

When the .com era started booming, DeBora jumped on the bandwagon and started selling her dresses on-line worldwide in 1994. DeBora Rachelle's Internet store was the FIRST evening gown/ prom dress store EVER online. It was such a success, that soon her online store, with 45 million hits per month, began outselling her retail stores. 

2000-2008, DeBora founded Prom Magazine, a nationally distributed magazine. 

Prom Magazine debora rachelle ashley tisdale brooke hogan press fitted sheets stay on prom magazine press magazine debora rachelle Prom Magazine debora rachelle jojo levesque

Retail stores soon began calling off the hook in an attempt to carry the DeBora Rachelle line, so in 2004 DeBora launched the wholesale division of DeBora Rachelle Inc. In 2003, DeBora began offering matching handbags, cell phone cases, shawls, undergarments, jewelry and matching nail polish with her red carpet and prom dresses.  This one-stop-shop was unlike any other gown manufacturer.

Although, DeBora's collection included sexy gowns, DeBora Rachelle quickly become known for the wholesome, innocent designs which are prevalent in her prom dress collection. DeBora continually created fresh and innovative designs, inspired by her passions and her environment. In high school, DeBora developed a love of cross-stitching, which is reflected in the embroidery designs on many of her top-selling dress designs today.  DeBora Rachelle Inc. sold her dress portion of her company in 2008 and retired.
cheyenne kimball prom dress debora rachelle bed sheetscheyenne kimball debora rachelle bed sheets prom

In 2017, after being frustrated with putting on her bed sheets, DeBora was determined to find a new design in bed sheets. The first video commercial of DeBora Rachelle Luxury Linens is actually a re-enactment of what happened to DeBora. She loved her new bed sheet design and how easy it was to get her bed sheets onto her bed and the sheets stayed in place all night long. 

DeBora loved researching the PEFECT fabric for her new bed sheet design. She found what she still thinks to be the LONGEST staple cotton in the world. It's hand gathered to make sure it stays as long as possible (unlike machine harvesting that stress and break the fine fibers of cotton). What she found was a 100% long staple single-ply cotton that breathes. Perfect for her menopausal friends because it helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when you need it and warm when you don't. Her friends love them! DeBora's husband suffers from eczema and DeBora suffers from allergies and is an animal lover, so it was imperative there were no harsh chemicals added to her sheets nor anything tested on animals. That process was harder than expected. Seventy percent of bed sheet manufacturers add toxic chemicals and harsh dyes to their fabric. DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are OEKO-TEX tested, hypo-allergenic free, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.
Word took off and DeBora was contacted by another friend who said her son had PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. DeBora started testing her sheets on military Veterans and the results were amazing. As DeBora states, "It's sooooo fulfilling knowing that I designed these bed sheets to take care of my own problem and to think that my sheets benefit so many other people is more satisfying!"  

Just hanging with JoJo Levesque between shots.