Cosmetic Creations

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Eye shadow can help pull your eyes together or farther apart depending on how you apply it. For instance, if your eyes are too close together, using vertical contouring is best to pull them apart. Divide the eyelid into three vertical portions. Begin all the eye shadow toward the middle of the eye using a light colored eye shadow. Gradually darken the shadow color as you work outward using the darkest eye shadow to emphasize the outer half of the eye. It makes sense that wide-set eyes then should place the darker shadow at the tear ducts and put lighter shades towards the outer edge.

Likewise, for eyes set too close together, mascara should be applied heavier in the outer corner of the eyelashes and only a touch on the inner. For eyes too far apart, empathize the inner lashes with a heavier application of mascara on the outer lashes. There are other techniques for deep-set eyes, down slanted eyes, no eye lid, hangover puppy dog eyes, etc.

False eyelashes that magnetize to your eyeliner are a current trend and worth checking out. Currently, they only offer long, medium or short versions of these lashes. It’s key for brands to think in terms of how does their brand stand out among the others? How do they rise above a saturated market? If they wish to set themselves apart from the others, an eye lash brands should get on board and capitalize on making lashes that coordinate with the final result a person wants to accomplish with their eyes as directed above.

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If you have a round face, the goal is to narrow the width of your face to create a longer look. Apply blush in a sideways V on the cheekbones with the bottom of the V toward your temple. Then add a touch of blush to the chin.   

Square faces: to soften your angles and minimize the brow and chin areas, start near the out corners of the eyes applying blush on the cheekbones and blend toward the temples. Add a touch to the forehead and chin.

Triangular faces wanting to add to the width of the forehead and downplay a larger jaw: use wide strokes at the hairline to the nose adding a little blush on both sides of the jawline.

Inverted triangle add blush to the width of the jawline and downplay the forehead. The blush would be applied using a sideways V on the cheekbones and blending up from the cheek to the temples, going over the eyebrow to the center of the forehead.

A rectangular shaped face usually wants to shorten the length of the face and add to its width. Blush is placed high on the cheekbones just below the out corners of the eye, then blended upwards to the temples dotting a touch of blush in the chin area.

Finally, oval shaped faces are very balanced so the simply apply blush on the most prominent part of the cheekbone blending upwards to the temple to keep it natural.