Steps to take to get into business.

business plan writing checklist
Steps to take to get into Business:


    • Come up with an idea that solves problems.
    • Write a business plan


    • Choose a business name
    • See if you can register it’s domain name on the internet
    • Make sure no other business in your state has your name.
    • Register with your state


    • Register domain name on Internet
    • Register social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).
    • Find a hosting company and obtain company email address
    • Obtain a virtual phone via messaging or another form.


    • Choose the right state for form your business (tax laws, etc)
    • Establish your company address or get a virtual mailbox
    • Choose your business type and incorporate if necessary
    • Obtain EIN and sales tax numbers if necessary and learn when to file
    • Trademark your name if going on Amazon or want more protection
    • Satisfy all business licenses and permit requirements
    • Create corporate bylaws


    • Open business bank account (always keep business separated from personal)
    • Create merchant account that accepts credit cards
    • Business loan or financing if needed
    • Obtain a business credit card
    • Buy an accounting system
    • Find an accountant if necessary
    • Figure out what expenses are deductible


    • Find office space/retail location/warehouse/ or work from home with a virtual office, etc
    • Obtain business insurance
    • Set up fulfillment warehouse if necessary (and/or FBA with Amazon)
    • Get equipment or supplies
    • Research and choose best vendors or suppliers or manufacturers
    • Obtain business contracts, documents, policy and procedure manuals, employee handbooks you may need.


    • Establish your employee needs (in house, virtual, etc.)
    • Learn about legal requirements and responsibilities to employees
    • Establish when to pay your employees (payroll) and which taxes to take out and when to file them).
    • Think about employee benefits

GET THE WORD OUT Marketing/Advertising

    • Obtain a logo.
    • Print business cards
    • Put up your website
    • Connect with other entrepreneurs
    • Connect with influencers
    • Establish SEO for your website, google analytics, etc.
    • Try social media advertising (google search, Facebook, etc)
    • Establish Influencer program