Why DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are "HEALTHY LUXURY bed sheets that STAY ON your bed and ENHANCE your sleep!"
DeBora Rachelle talks about DeBora Rachelle bed sheets!
How to make your bed with DeBora Rachelle patented unique luxury bed sheets!
How to make your bed with a DeBora Rachelle patent pending unique duvet cover! COMING SOON!
How to make your bed with DeBora Rachelle patent pending unique duvet cover!
Unlike 70% of manufacturers, DeBora Rachelle bed sheets do NOT use any harmful chemicals that can hurt you. For example: if your bed sheets say "wrinkle-free", "non-iron" or "permanent press", they contain formaldehyde which is a cancer causing carcinogen according the National Institute for Cancer! Due to the patented strap design, DeBora Rachelle bed sheets can be tightened up to take out wrinkles! Would you rather have wrinkles on your bed sheets or on your face? DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are OKEO-Tex tested/certified and contain no harmful chemicals that can hurt you!
DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are AZO dye-free and contain no dyes that are harmful for you. AZO-dyes have been banned in Europe but are still being using in the USA by over 70% of bed sheet manufacturers. Beyond the fabric content, the USA does not regulate what we put into our bed linens. So, if on your bed sheet packaging you do not see any bragging about how good your sheets are for you, chances are, they are not good for you.
Why 400 Thread Count bed sheets in single-ply are BETTER THAN any 1,000 thread count bed sheet.
How to fold a fitted bed sheet!
A quick and easy way to put on your DeBora Rachelle pillowcase!
DeBora Rachelle bed sheets are perfect for PTSD patients. A friend told DeBora that after her son served a tour in Afghanistan, he came back to the USA suffering from PTSD. She explained that her son really needed DeBora Rachelle bed sheets because, he suffered from horrendous nightmares where he would find himself waking up wrapped in his bed sheets like a burrito and sweating profusely. This caused him to panic even more from the constraint of feeling trapped within his sheets. Since DeBora Rachelle bed sheets STAY ON, there is no way his thrashing could cause the fitted sheet to wrap around him. DeBora Rachelle immediately started testing their bed sheets on Veterans with PTSD and Veterans LOVED DeBora Rachelle sheets! Here is what one Veteran had to say after being tested.
Watch our studio being made for our video! Great for new bedroom interior design ideas.
Take a quick tour of the old Superior Railroad Depot where we shot our bed sheet video!
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