Youtube studio set up for home - looking your best!

Setting up a home “studio” so you can look your best!


I suggest a light ring to go around your camera. I use two separate stands but they do make one stand where the camera and the light ring can be set up on the same stand.

Light rings provide daylight-balanced lighting producing a soft direct light on a person. It also minimized shadows. Placing the camera in the center of the light ring insures lighting all around the person.

youtube home studio videography video

My choice is the Prismatic 18" Halo Ring LED Light. It's dimmable and 55 watts. It came with a carrying case and diffusion plates.  It also has the mount for the camera at the bottom, but I prefer to to use a separate stand and put the camera in the center of the ring.  This ring also comes in handy during ZOOM conversations online. I simply place it behind my computer screen.

Light sources should alway be in front of the person. If they are placed behind, the face will be too dark. The more natural light you can use (such as from a window), is best.

I also use two Bi-color 600 LED panel. They came with stands, barndoors to direct the light and a carrying case. The bi-color aspect helps the videographer control the light temperature in the light panel itself. Most other lights you need to purchase filters to control the temperature.

studio lighting youtube photography


Camera choice is huge! I went with the Sony a6500. It takes great video and photographs and you can send them wirelessly. The only problem is you cannot watch yourself on the screen while you video. So I purchased a ChargerCity hot shoe mount to hold my Apple ipad. It swivels 360 degrees. Bluetooth connects my ipad to the Sony A6500. If I had to do it again, I would just have purchased a camera that has a flip up screen. The ipad is more of a hassle to hook up than it is worth.

Ipad wireless swivel holder camera screen videography


The typical boom used to record audio is the RODE brand. I purchased the Mic Studio with the boom kit and 25' of cable adapter. It also came with a windmuff for outside which would be great to control the wind noise if you are ever shooting outside. Of course the one time I did shoot outside, I forgot the muff! I've been very happy with the quality of the sound.

rode windmuff youtube video videographer boom voice record

Studio set up:

Reduct the background noise by making sure you set up in a room that doesn't have cars or trains going by outside. Hire a babysitter for pets and kids as they can look unprofessional interrupting you during filming. The smaller the room, the better as larger rooms tend to echo. Carpeted floors absorb the sound where as Tile or concrete floors also tend to echo. 


Always do a test before you take to recording. I found one time my rode boom was off and I had to record the entire project over.

Test lighting, audio, and make sure you are centered in the screen.

Pay attention to your background. A lot of clutter can be distracting.

Hold the camera horizontally. Vertically does not suit youtube or most methods of showing the video.

Look into the camera when speaking or look at the interviewer.


Make sure your camera lens is clean. If you are using an iphone to record, make sure to turn off your notifications.


I use iMovie on my Mac to edit the clips. It's easy to use and if you get in trouble you can always find a youtube video to help you with it.

Example of a flick:


FOR MORE INFO on what to wear, how to stand, watch for my book coming out soon!