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How Can DeBora Rachelle bed Sheets be above organic?

What is the difference between Oeko-Tex testing and organic in bed sheets?

For bed sheets to be called “organic” the natural fiber used (such as cotton or hemp), must be from a farm than does not use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers or any other chemicals. The natural fiber cannot be genetically modified. Next the natural fiber is put into process to make it into fabric.

This is where the confusion lies. Bed sheets can still be called ‘organic’ whether or not harsh chemicals were used in the process of turning the natural fiber (such as cotton) into a fabric.  So even if your bed sheets say, ‘organic’ it only means the natural fiber was grown organically.  Harsh toxic chemicals and dyes can still be in ‘organic’ labeled bed sheets.

This is why you want to look for Oeko-Tex certification.  Oeko-Tex certification means no harsh chemicals nor toxins were added to your bed sheets that can be harmful to you or your family.  Okeo-Tex testing checks the natural fibers as they are made into the  finished product; through all the steps in the making the final finished product ( in this example: bed sheets). Not only can the fabric be certified but the threads, zippers, buttons and labels can all have Okeo-Tex certification.

Designer, DeBora Rachelle claims her bed sheets go through numerous tests to obtain the Oeko-Tex certification and it is a very expensive process that must be re-certified annually. “However, it is well worth the cost knowing my family and our customers are safe!  Americans wonder why allergies, eczema, asthma and autism are on the rise….. I blame it on what they are sleeping on and in”, states DeBora.  “Another reason why we have the Okeo-Tex certification to make others aware of the dangers involved.  Rest assured you’re going to sleep well in DeBora Rachelle bed sheets!”