best luxury bed sheets DeBora Rachelle

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“The sheets that stay on your bed and let you sleep!”

Best luxury bed sheets available on the market today.
Guaranteed to stay on your bed.

Point of Difference
l. Patented
ll. Fabric Quality
lll. Construction
IV. Patented

DeBora Rachelle Inc. has a patented design to make sure:
1) your sheets will not come off your bed and
2) your partner will not steal your sheets. Current bed sheet manufacturers just haven’t been able to keep bed sheets on the bed.

Best luxury bed sheets on the market
Best luxury bed sheets in the USA.
Benefits of Best luxury bed sheets in the USA.
Benefits of Best luxury bed sheets in the USA.

II. Fabric Quality
DeBora Rachelle Luxury Bed Sheets use only the finest quality cotton.
2. 100% breathable LONG STAPLE COTTON

    Our cotton is grown in semi-arid conditions which is the ultimate for growing cotton. It is hand-tended during it’s growing process and hand-picked during harvest. Hand-picking is a MUST for top quality cotton so the cotton strands can be preserved in the longest threads possible and hand-picking avoids contamination.
    Handpicking guarantees the cotton will yield only the Longest Staple Strands of cotton.
    Handpicked cotton allows for purity while putting no stress on the fine fibers resulting in extra long staple strands. Machinery used to pick cotton pulls and tears the fibers causing them to break into smaller strands.
    Handpicking avoids mixing mature and immature plants. Cotton plants mature from the bottom up, so the bottom of the cotton plants can be picked first with handpicking. Then when the top matures, pickers will come back and pick the rest of the plant allowing for only the mature fibers to be harvested. Machine picked cotton is all picked at once with the mature plants being tossed in with the immature cotton hence creating a lot of wasted cotton and substandard cotton fibers.
    Our cotton is also hand-combed not machine ginned. Hand-combing is stress-free and uses combs that are used to pull out any remaining impurities and any short fibers leaving only Long Fibers resulting in softer finer fabric. Would you rather comb the hair on your head or would you trust a machine to comb your hair?

Single ply is found to be much more important that thread count. If a thread count goes over approximately 417 Thread Count, threads are typically manipulated resulting a less durable, less soft, subpar fabric of lower quality. Thread count is, how many threads a fabric has per square inch. Single ply (1-ply) refers to using only 1 thread going horizontal and 1 thread of cotton going vertical in your weave. The tightest a machine can weave single strands together is approximately 417 thread count. After 417 threads, the thread is twisted to be 2-ply (twisting 2 strands of thread together) or 3-ply (twisting 3 strands of thread together or even 6-ply twisting of the fibers. So a 1,000TC fabric typically has a minimum of 4 strands of thread twisted together then weaved into 1 square inch of fabric. The result a heavier fabric that does not breathe because it suffocates the airflow movement. Where the twists occur is typically where pilling takes place. Twisted threads cause bulky and grainy feeling. If a manufacturer suffocates the air flow movement, your body will sweat and you will not receive the proper sleep you deserve. Think about this like having a braid in your hair verses a free flowing ponytail. DeBora Rachelle Sheets have a 400 Thread Count. One of the highest thread counts achieved without twisting the life out of the threads.

Our fabric is OEKO-TESTED and certified so that we can proudly say, no harsh chemicals were used in our bed sheets. Our fabric is medically tested to ensure that it poses no risk to the body and skin. If sheets say, Wrinkle-free or permanent press they have harsh chemicals called formaldehyde (aka Formalin, Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, Methylene oxide, Morbicid acid, or Oxymethylene) added to them to make sure they don’t wrinkle. Chemical sensitivities are becoming a growing health problem in the U.S. as the persistent exposure to harsh and toxic chemicals grows. Not one government US agency requires a manufacturer to disclose the use of the chemical on labels. Medical studies have linked formaldehyde exposure with nasal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified formaldehyde as a human carcinogen.  In the United States, formaldehyde levels in fabric is not regulated.   Having sheets that are wrinkle-free may cut down your ironing time, but it will also diminish your sleep! Look at it this way, ‘would you rather have wrinkles on your bed or wrinkles on your face?’

  1. AZO free
    AZO dyes are the name of the group of synthetic dyestuffs based on nitrogen. Some AZO dye stuffs may separate under certain conditions to produce carcinogenic and allergenic aromatic amines. Our bed sheets are AZO free.

6. Pre-shrunk
DeBora Rachelle luxury bed sheets are pre-shrunk so that the size the start out with is pretty much the same as the size they will always be.

  1. Sateen Weave
    A sateen weave weaves fabric by skipping one or two fibers in between the weave. This makes for a softer more luxurious feel which glides over your skin.

III. Construction
You will be moved by the craftsmanship in DeBora Rachelle Luxury Linen designs. Every single stitch, every step of the sheet construction process has been carefully and strategically thought-out from the growing of the cotton on the vine, to the hand-harvesting, to the weave and quality of the fiber, using this cotton in it’s natural state without additives, right down to how many times we stitch a strap. We put in 18” sides to allow for extra thick mattresses and our triple stitched strong straps adjust the edges accordingly. We use elastic around the edges of the fitted sheets for extra grip.