Sleeping Beauty Facial Mask


Sleep Mask with Gel beads (Hot or Cold Compress)

Sleeping beauty gel bead water mask.

  • Ultra-Luxury 100% Handpicked Extra Long Staple Cotton
  • Warm in boiling water to sooth sore muscles. Helps pink eye.
  • Chill to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Chill for relief from heat in hot weather or headache stress
  • Block unwanted light – darkout.
  • Helps with relaxation and meditation.

FOR COLD:  Chill entire mask and gel beads for 3-5 minutes in freezer for cold.  FOR HOT: Let water boil, then take gel beads out of mask and place in boiling water for 10 seconds.

Note: Most manufacturers put toxins in their fabrics.  Our eye mask fabric contains no chemicals than can harm you.  It is is  hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, PETA approved, Oeko-tex tested.


Bright White, Gatsby Gray, Ivory Buff


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