thread count

What is the best thread Count I can buy?

Who thinks 1,000 TC is better than 400 TC in bed sheets? If you said yes, you’re 100% wrong!

And here’s why…Thread count is how many threads in 1 square inch of fabric. In order to weave threads into fabric, manufacturers use a loom. The longitudinal warp threads are held stationary in tension on the loom while the horizontal weft threads are inserted over and under the warp threads into a weave.

The highest amount of single strand threads you can weave into 1 sq inch of fabric without manipulating these single strands is approximately 417 threads. Which is approximately 208 threads in the weft and 208 threads in the warp. So the most luxurious bed sheet fabric is approximately 417 TC because that is just about all the single ply threads you can fit within 1 sq inch.

Double-Ply is when you take a strand of thread and twist another strand of thread around it. Triple-ply is twisting 3 strands together. Twisting threads is a deceiving marketing ploy which bogs down the cotton making it heavier, and less durable, twisting the life right out of the fabric.

For Example, think of a girl with long free-flowing hair and notice how the air flows through her hair and how it feels light and airy as she walks. Now think of a girl with a braid in her hair. Notice how the air no longer flows through her twisted hair and it feels bulky. Our bodies sweat during the night. Double or triple-ply threads, trap moisture inside your bed sheets due to lack of air flow causing you to wake up perspiring and hot. DeBora Rachelle fabric, being single-ply, absorbs your bodies moisture and body heat allowing air movement. DR’s bed sheets breathe and help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool when you need it and warm when you don’t.

The only way to obtain 1,000 thread count in a fabric is to twist a minimum of 3 strands together. This marketing ploy twists the life right out of your fabric. Triple Ply fabric doesn’t breathe and it traps moisture inside your covers which doesn’t allow your body to get the sleep it deserves.

Therefore, It’s a bad thing to twist more than one thread together and anything over 417 thread count is a deceiving marketing ploy.

DeBora Rachelle fabric is single ply with 400 thread count in single-ply is one of the highest and most luxurious fabrics available!

Find out why 400 thread count single-ply bed sheets are much better quality than 1000 thread count.